Blood Diagnostics for Decision Point

Unimed International, Inc., headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, USA, is a fast growing developer, manufacturer and marketer of Rapid Point-Of-Care clinical diagnostics. Unimed is committed to advancing the science of laboratory diagnosis, accelerated development and commercialization of innovative clinical diagnostics for better patient management.

Our strength is built upon the ability to identify global clinical needs and provide rapid and reliable diagnostic solutions. Our focus continues to review, evaluate and validate neo biomarkers and diagnostic targets, aimed at providing unmet universal diagnostic needs.

We produce an extensive line of Highest Quality rapid, reliable and cost-effective Point-Of-Care Diagnostics & ELISA Tests in USA, and in our Subsidiary Companies in India & China:


Unimed Biosystems Pvt. Ltd., a FDA approved, ISO 9001; 2000 & ISO 13485: 2003 Certified Company, has been set up in collaboration with Unimed International, Inc., USA. This unique high capacity facility provides us significant competitive advantage by manufacturing cost-effective products of high quality and reproducibility. Most of our products are CE Mark.


Unimed International, Inc., China, a FDA approved, ISO 9001; 2000 & ISO 13485: 2003 Certified Company, has a modern manufacturing facility, and strictly complies with the current GMP and stringent international quality standards.

Unimed is extending its global presence through strategic alliances and business collaborations with market leaders in several countries by marketing its Advance Quality Diagnostic Tests and OEM products. The company is continually building a unique management team of highly qualified professionals.


Unimed strives to bring novel diagnostic tools for health care providers to rapidly diagnose diseases and accurately assess critical medical conditions at point-of-care facilities and improve global health.


Our mission is to simplify and advance the practice of Laboratory Medicine to provide Innovative and Definitive Diagnostics for Better Targeted Treatment. We aim to provide healthcare professionals with accurate and cost-effective diagnostic information at point of care, and enhance the health and well being of people around the globe.